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Customer Testimonial Video Case Study – Smaxtec

Customer Testimonial Video Production Brief

Smaxtec required a series of UK-based customer testimonial videos to feature in their global marketing strategy. Smaxtec wanted to capture and share customers’ experiences of using their products and services. For example, it was important to platform the unique benefits of their high-tech, early detection and animal welfare products.

“We are very happy with the testimonial videos Phil created for us. Imagery, visuals, and statements really support the brand messages about our innovative ag-tech product. Results were delivered very quickly and Phil was very responsive and fast when it came to additional requirements from our side. All-in-all, our team has been very satisfied with his work and we’re looking forward to producing further high-quality content together.”

Smaxtec Marketing Team, Smaxtec


To begin with, we worked closely with Smaxtec’s sales, marketing & delivery teams to learn about the products’ practical application and values. We used this to develop our strategy and identify the best regions of the country to cover.

After we identified regional customers, we set about writing storyboards and interview questions that would set the foundations for producing compelling customer stories to act as a showcase for Smaxtec’s solutions. 

Firstly, we held initial online interviews with each farmer to research their day to day reality and gain an understanding of who they were. This also helped to build rapport and put them at ease in advance of filming. Time is precious and the pre-production interview saves time on the day of filming, so we gave care and attention to this critical stage in the process.

We went on to film the video testimonials on-location in Abergele; North Wales, Neston Park; Bristol, Lee; Staffordshire, Dartmouth; South Devon and Cullompton; Devon.

The high-tech nature of the solutions required us to create 3D animated motion graphics to work in sync with the testimonial’s narrative. It was vital to include accurate data as proof of success in presenting the client’s experience of using the electronic boluses and monitoring apps.

In addition to this, we used our drone to capture aerial footage on some of the farms, which provided a dynamic and engaging feature to use in the intro and really captures the attention of the viewer.


The customer testimonial videos are used across Smaxtec’s website and social media channels; Facebook and Twitter. The video testimonials also make a compelling and informative feature within Smaxtec’s trade stands across Europe.

Quote from Phil at Beep on Website Design

“I am passionate about animal welfare and with many years of experience in agricultural film-making, this was the perfect project for me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Helen, Maria, Laura and Chris at Smaxtec. They allowed our team the scope to develop the stories into compelling narratives that would inspire and engage future customers.”

Phil Saunders – Founder, Beep Media

Customer Testimonial Video Production

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