Adobe Premiere for Beginners Course - 2 Days

Adobe Premiere for Beginners – 2 Day Course

Adobe Premiere for Beginners Course - 2 Days

Adobe Premiere for Beginners – 2 Day Course

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Learning to video edit with Adobe Premiere Pro, the industry-leading video editing software can be a daunting challenge. Adobe have some handy guides and you can search for tips on Google. However, there is nothing like hands-on, practical training that will give you a professional start in video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. All our training courses take place in our state-of-the-art facilities in Barnstaple, North Devon. This course will be led by lecturer Phil Saunders. Phil has over 20 years of industry experience working as a producer in creative, broadcasting and corporate productions.

Included in our Adobe Premiere for Beginners course are the following:

Setting up your workflow
Starting your project
How to preview clips
Setting up Timelines/Sequences
Using Effects & Transparencies
Editing Sequences
Audio Production
Exporting Films

Course Location & Fees

Max 12 Students Per Intake – £350 exVAT per person

Group Booking £1200 exVAT

We run regular courses from our offices in Barnstaple, North Devon.

Register your interest below and tell us which month suits you best. We will get back to you with dates that will work for you.

Personalised instruction, private courses and one-on-one tuition can be arranged at a location of your choice. Email for more details.

*The course will only take place if a minimum of three students are registered. If there are not enough students on your chosen start date, we will reach out to you to schedule an alternate date.

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Day 1

Starting the Project and Setting up Workspace

  • Premiere Workspaces
  • Project, Source, Program and Sequence Panels
  • Project Settings
  • Aspect ratio
  • Timecode
  • Importing Video – Traditional capture settings & importing video files 
  • Importing stills and content ( Illustrator, After Effects & Photoshop)
  • Importing Audio
  • Using QuickSearch to find elements
  • How Premiere Projects link to media

Editing Overview

  • Preparing clips for the timeline
  • In points and out points
  • Clip markers
  • Instances of clips
  • Editing Tools
  • Razor, Ripple & Roll editing
  • Trimming
  • Making sub-clips
  • Viewing and editing metadata

The Timeline

  • Understanding the timeline
  • Inserting vs. overlaying
  • Manipulating clip speed


  • Creating a new sequence
  • Importing one sequence into another
  • Nesting sequences


  • Video Transitions; Selecting transitions
  • Effect controls for selecting transitions
  • Lengthening the transition
  • Audio transition: the crossfade
  • L-cuts


Day 2


  • The audio mixer
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Audio Effects and Audio transitions
  • Normalising audio
  • Roundtrip workflow with Adobe Audition

Titling & Graphics

  • Importing titles from other products
  • Adding Logos
  • Adding Lower Thirds


  • Track hierarchy
  • The opacity slider
  • Keying: an introduction (green/blue screen keying)

Effects & Colour Correction

  • Overview of Effects
  • Basic effects
  • Warp Stabliser
  • Adjustment layers
  • Lumetri Colour


  • Export to the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Output for smartphones, tablets and TV with Adobe Media Encoder